Are You A Warrior For Your LIFE? Commit to YOUR Quest


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Nate Lindquist’s Manifesto:
I am a warrior for freedom, driven to isolate the moments and grasp reins of choice and power in my life – a lover of peace, willing to stay low, to sense, to understand and to create massive change and movement toward my ideal vision – eliminating all possibilities of a settled, dormant, meaningless existence wherever it may pursue me during my quest. In the midst of and despite the relentless burns and fears of raging fire and unbridled chemical and electrical reactions, at the level of life’s little split second decisions lies my core of faith – total certainty in abundance and the greater purpose, a pure life-giving and loving power, far greater than me. Each day I take the time to reflect on the gifts I’ve been given, from humility and gratitude to the pure joy of helping others and learning from my exploration, lest I fall into the traps of a half-lived, self-serving, complacent routine of unconscious, choice-less accommodating. With these powers I have been granted, I choose to give my very best. I’m committed to total truth, while recognizing that by practicing defining, pursuing and living my ideal life, I’m also a co-conspirator with the universe as we work with the unlimited resources of a sorcerer – to allow the very best genius and creativity to flow through me to the world and those around me, always recognizing the beauty of every world experience offered by nature and my surroundings. My senses fill me with awareness of the signals, scents and tastes – dictating the directions I must pursue and the adventures and challenges I must choose – by forging with passion, purpose, inspiration, curiosity and fearlessness all focused on mastering even the darkest corners of my journey. When I ask “how may I serve?”, I feel the escalating coursing of energy pulsate through my being – pulling me toward the amazing destiny I was put on this earth to give… a legacy of love, passion, playfulness, peace, awareness, wellness and magic – all derived from a place of presence and the newness of each second – in spite of the habits and stories the outside world may use as leverage to divert or block my path. I’m a sorcerer with the powers to share my gifts unapologetically in a world desperate to join me in my big, life-freeing adventure of love, fun, passion, wonder and sensational ecstasy to be alive!
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Make today your adventure


Adventure Hike

Take a side trail before work for 20 minutes of nature!

by: Nate Lindquist
Life and Business Results Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Non-conformist, Adventurer!

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Over the last several weeks I’ve been super-focused on crushing it with my goals at Innerspire and Nate Lindquist Results Coaching headquarters. With this type of focus, sometimes you look up and it’s already 6:40 at night and when you walk outdoors the sun is gone, the fun of a beautiful blue sky day is behind you and once again, you feel like you’ve missed out on an adventure. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you had at least one jolt of adventure within your day? When this happens to me, I often have mixed emotions. I feel proud of my dedication, yet a bit short-changed that my work dedication cost me the excitement of a luscious spring breeze! Usually it’s dedication mixed with habits that hold us in office cubes and indoors at work every day. With a little creativity, you can enjoy the blue sky, a sense of adventure and some variety despite your dedication to your career or business. Recently, I sort of locked myself up for several weeks in my “box” and decided that – NOPE! I needed to get outside, make a change to create some adventure. And, as long as I could hit my goals really well, I’d also make sure to boost my quality of life times 10 in the process. Here are some adventure tips that you can use NOW to spice up your day with adventure. More than that, you’ll read some tips to become more effective at giving yourself time to focus on doing your best work with fewer distractions, which is awesome all by itself!


Do what’s important! Make it happen:

Change your schedule and block out 3 hours to make HUGE progress on a goal that is VERY important and exciting to you, but NOT urgent. Contact your current obligations and let them know something VERY important has come up and reschedule. Your IMPORTANT and EXCITING goals deserve it.


Get outside!

Get off site and out of the office for half the day – no matter WHAT it takes. Also, commit to making your work productive off site and set 3 key goals you will hit no matter what with the excitement and focus of being OUT of the office.


Change your routine!

Surprise yourself with your effectiveness. Make a list of the top 2 things you should start doing today and top 2 you should start doing and then take MASSIVE ACTION to make all 4 items come true. Here are some examples: Stop getting sucked into distractions. Set new rules around checking your e-mail or FB account. Choose the times when you’ll take phone calls and limit returning calls to 2 times per day except in case of emergencies. Start getting in front of 5 new prospective business relationships each day. Do this by popping by, making a call, getting to 1 event each week or asking for some referrals from happy clients!


Spice up your morning!

Do something FUN on the way to work. Leave yourself an extra HOUR to get to work and do something really cool and different. Ideas may include: hiking for 30 minutes on a beautiful nature trail, getting a great country breakfast in a place you rarely visit, get a hot beverage and read an inspiring book sitting in the grass or in nature, take a side-trail drive down a road you’ve passed for years but have never explored! Put your bike in the car and stop to ride around an area of town you’ve never explored on a bike. Ride for 20 minutes or so and then listen to some awesome music with your hot coffee for the rest of the drive as you contemplate tomorrow’s adventure! These are all just ideas, come up with 20 of your own and do one today! Why not now?


Go after a BIG one!

Make a list of 10 things you can’t do right now. Then, regardless of circumstances, find a way to do one of them by scheduling it today. You don’t have to do it today, but merely the act of scheduling it is awesome and exciting! You may surprise or scare yourself, but you’ll also tell a few people at work and set yourself up to make this big thing happen! (Recently I didn’t think I could take a trip to San Diego for an awesome leadership conference for a week. All the reasons were valid… but I made it happen. How? I bought the plane ticket and reserved my hotel!)

Start your day with POWER and Discipline of Rituals and Change Your Life! (don’t stay STUCK in a FUNK)

Learn the power of rituals to change your life

Power of Rituals

by: Nate Lindquist – Author of The GIFTS ® Formula: Life and Biz Launch, Now, Now, Now, Now, Now!

Keeping your energy up and your mind behind your grind is pivotal to making decisions and staying passionate and disciplined about the work you’ve chosen!  There’s nothing worse than LOW and SLOW energy.   I’ve been at that place many times where I start to question everything – even my very favorite work and most passionate gifts. Why? Because when you aren’t rested, well nourished and physically energized, your mind is at a serious disadvantage!  But, you can easily get OUT of that funk.  One great way to do it is to raise your awareness to recnognize when you’re actually in a funk!  You may be surprised to note that most people just settle for being down and low energy day after day.  YUCK!  How about changing your energy and Re-Energizing immediately when you see your juice slipping and your attitude and joy for the day and for life and your work faltering.

Will power is Weak, Commitment is STRONG!
The trick to getting into the most powerful and effective “flow” in your life EVERY day is not a trick at all – it’s a commitment. You’ve got to create daily rituals that get your juices flowing and momentum growing and with the steps I’m going to share below, you’ll have enough to customize your own rituals around whatever pumps you up and inspires you the most.  It’s different for everyone, but there are a few key principles you MUST know. Every day you slip away from being in high energy and high passion and purpose driven motion, you can easily defeat yourself before any of the external challenges come to pass. So, in essence, you become your own worst competition! Not good, but it’s fixable.

Oh now, I thought this is the work I wanted to do, but now I’m not loving it.  Why do I feel so down?
Lots of people begin to question their work – even when they may be doing work they could love. But, they’ll never know for sure until they get their mind and body into that high-powered state! Then, if you’re in a peak state, ready to take on your day and choose your challenge, you can ask yourself these questions.


  1. Would I do what I’m doing even if I had a few hundred million dollars in the bank?
  2. What problems do I love solving? Am I solving those problems now or just working on the clock to get some dough in the door?
  3. If I died today, would I be happy with the meaning I’ve created in my work and my life?
  4. What are 3 things I’d just LOVE to work on now if I could work on anything?


And, here’s a quick tip for getting your rituals going:


Create your quick 3 rituals to pump your mind, body and passion for the day.


  1. Get some exercise! Just 15 or 20 minutes of movement and you’re entire day will be more energized – and you’ll be burning calories and making smarter food choices all day too… it’s just natural!
  2. Meditate – A great way to meditate is to sign up for Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation. Or, check out Wayne Dyer’s “Getting in the Gap” or “Meditations for Manifestation” – these are a great place to start! One easy peezy way to meditate is to sit in a quiet place and just focus on your breath and nothing else. When your mind wanders, just go back to focusing on your breath. It’s awesome and like a vacation from thinking.
  3. Get inspired! Watch a Ted talk or a video from someone who inspires the heck out of you. Then, pick one of their topics from the video and write about why it’s important to you for 5 minutes. You’ll be shocked how this sets your outlook for the day!


Alright, go forth and Re-Energize your day with the discipline of rituals! It will change your life.

Love, light and POWER!


The Gifts Formula: Life & Biz Launch – Now, Now, Now, Now, Now


The GIFTS® Formula: Life and Biz Launch - Now, Now, Now, Now, Now Chapter One:  Your Source For Crazy Energy Author: Nate Lindquist ©2014 – All Rights Reserved

The GIFTS® Formula: Life and Biz Launch – Now, Now, Now, Now, Now
Chapter One: Your Source For Crazy Energy
Author: Nate Lindquist
©2014 – All Rights Reserved

Chapter One Sneak Peek!

The GIFTS® Formula: Life and Biz Launch – Now, Now, Now, Now, Now

Chapter One: Your Source For Crazy Energy
Author: Nate Lindquist
©2014 – All Rights Reserved

 *Note: Please comment in the blog and feel free to SHARE this sneak peek with your friends, family and associates.  Everything we can do to help people share their GIFTS in this time of trading time and life for money brings with it the potential to change lives.  It’s why I’ve written this book and it’s why I’m giving away this first chapter sneak peek.

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Working less is very appealing to most people. Let’s face it; if your doing something that feels crappy, uninspiring or mundane, but you keep doing it every day, wanting to do less of it is a very sane idea. As with any torture, you’ll either succumb to the pain and change your behavior or you’ll submit to it – accepting it as your lot in life.

If someone were pulling out your fingernails, you’d feel it and immediately try to pull your hand back and free it from the horrible, shooting pain. But, what if the pain was more subtle, coming on a bit slower, yet consistently over time? What if your life was being pulled out from under you each day and the amount of life you were losing was merely minutes, hours, maybe even days… would you do anything about it? Would you even know? How could you stop the loss of life?

Kids know naturally how to dodge pain – and work
During my young life I found many ways to avoid torture, pain and work. To accomplish this, I loved being outdoors, riding my BMX bike, skateboarding, swimming, climbing trees, exploring in the woods around my house and around town… and there was really nothing I loved more than heading out on some sort of adventure to tackle life – either at the ocean, at our families lake house in Maine or with a friend anywhere at all that meant excitement and change of scene. I could avoid work and suffering like it was my mission in life. But, at some point along the way, I think people forget how to do this.

The Life-Crushing Crash!
Then, it happened. Even worse than having my fingernails pulled out (just a guess), I was in a full speed broadside collision with the responsibilities of life – and it sucked! Here’s the short list of the stuff I just couldn’t believe the world was subjecting me with:

  • Suiting up in the middle of a bright, sunny day, when I’d been swimming in a pond with my friends… pulling on a shirt, tie and apron to bag groceries at a local store (often drying off only slightly as I’d arrive for my shift)
  • Being dragged home early from a family lake house vacation because I had committed to mowing 3 area lawns each week – and my parents knew I’d committed to this work (I liked the cash, but felt so sad leaving the lake)
  • Flipping burgers late into the night when my friends were hanging with Dee Brown and other Celtics greats at the area mall and having fun
  • Filling nearly 20,000 peat pots with soil, fertilizer and “mum” plugs on hot tarps for 10 hours a day in 105 degree heat for a few summers in a row
  • Ok, I can’t keep listing the outrageous life-taking work anymore… but you get the idea – right? Also, keep in mind this was all the stuff from my teen years and doesn’t even begin to address the self-inflicted “jobs” I created for myself as a business owner or the laundry list of chores I endured in my early youth. I’d hate to have you miss out on some of the stories, so read on fellow sufferer! Read on!

No more raising HECK, let alone HELL
How was I going to raise hell, live a life of fun, adventure and joy anymore if I had to do all this work? Isn’t it still ok to be excited about raising a little hell! What’s your version? I mean, how dumbed down is your going wild and crazy now that the world has gotten its claws into you? How much work would it take to get you pumped about something today and what would push your ignition button? Do you expect calls from your friends later today inviting you to camp out in the woods behind your house? It doesn’t happen for me “much”… but if they did call – would you go? Or, would you do the responsible thing and sleep inside tonight?

As I share these thoughts, I can’t help but be reminded of the scene in “Revenge of the Nerds”… just picture Mr. Scolnick – Lewis Scolnick’s Dad stating, “Tell you what. Kick it up to 37. Let’s live dangerously.” Does this give you that same pit in your stomach as it did me? At some point I’ve realized that I just can’t live that half way ever again. It’s ridiculous to pretend that something normal is awesome! Can’t we just admit when we recognize a boring, average, unexciting scenario? Or, did we forget what it looks like? As a younger fella, I had no confusion about what excited me about my life and my day and I could see it around the corner – always anticipating an adventure or diving at a chance to “head out and pursue the world!” When my driver’s ed teacher told me to hit the gas, I HAMMERED IT and showed this ex-cop tough guy what his little beat-up sedan with the sign on top could do on a back road in NH. But, somewhere along the way, this changed for me and it does for most of you who are reading this book too. The good news is you can reset your life and find that fire you lost so long ago when the world started to suck all the energy out of your imagination, curiosity and passion for the moment! There’s a really easy to use formula that I’ve created and applied to my life and it’s helped me rediscover what gets me excited every day to go after what inspires me, peeks my curiosity and challenges my every gift to make something happen – to live my life to the fullest and NEVER TRADE TIME FOR MONEY AGAIN! Money isn’t exciting by itself and if you don’t embrace the experiences it can create for you as the real goal, then you may find yourself hungering for money by stepping OVER a life you could fall in love with. A job you do because you “have to” isn’t responsible if it’s reducing your ability to thrive as that magic and powerful being you truly are. I assure you your kids don’t want mom or dad coming home every day longing for retirement, a glass of beer or wine to get you through or holding out for vacation so you can live the good life in tropical bliss. Nobody wants that for you. If someone really and truly loves you, they want you to be fully engaged with the work that you were meant to give in your life. They want you to be inspired and free and excited and passionate – bursting with enthusiasm and radiating gratitude for the meaningful and giving life you get to live! They want you to do your life’s work – not just what works.


Yet, we’ve all blamed “being responsible to our families” for the half-lived lives we’ve continued to endure at times. I did.

Are you doing this now? Is there any part of your life where you aren’t going after your dream? Working on your life’s work or using the power, strengths and gifts that make you feel fully alive? Do you sell insurance to get by? Are you running a law firm, but you don’t believe that the advice you gained from a 17 year old you sent you down the right path? Are you a mom in your 30’s yearning for a sense of purpose beyond the joys of being mom – so you can give something more, something creative, something magical and special? Are you operating in your life in any manner short of full power passion for the work you get to give in your time on earth?

Do you still blame the world for pulling you out of your swimming pool or away from the lake house to go to that job you hated in the middle of a sunny day – where you just wanted to feel fresh air and the freedom of the outdoors? Are you trapped behind your story, your desk, your cubicle, your “suppose to”?


I’ve got news for you.
Blaming isn’t valuable at all – but taking responsibility for the life you’ve chosen is.
If you feel as though you have something more to give this life and are waiting for the right time… then I’m here to tell you that NOW is that right time.

You will NEVER have another moment like this one. If you aren’t doing the right thing and feeling the right way, then stop what you’re doing and start something else. Choose a new challenge and take your best shot at blazing your new path!

So, start the new business,

Begin a new career,

Start creating that masterpiece you have inside you,

Begin writing your book,

Writing music,

Playing in a band,

Creating an app,

Starting a new web based business,

Designing clothes,

Traveling the word,

Volunteering in Africa,

Shooting photos,

Meditating and connecting with God,

Saving $5 a day in an account you never touch,

Losing 5,10, 20, 50 or more pounds,

Eating healthy,

Training for a marathon or an ultra-marathon,

Planning your African safari,

Blogging about super heroes or your favorite stories,

Designing jewelry,

Opening your own café or store…

This is your dream – so you choose!


And, whatever it is that you’ve dreamed about long ago or see in just in random glimpses or daydreams from time to time… make YOUR list of what you MUST do and start.   Be bold. Take action. Don’t risk dying tomorrow with your GIFTS still in you. Sing your song or create your adventure! Start building the life experiences that would make your life’s movie trailer worth watching. I mean, let’s face it… the day the dirt is being piled on your face as your extended family looks down in that grave is NOT the time to contemplate your life changing action. I assure you that day is coming and when you are dead and gone, you will have missed your chance to go for it like never before. What the HELL are you waiting for? What makes us wait for someday? Are you willing to risk even one more day for the comfort of your cozy little rut?


Think through your movie trailer

Just writing that makes me laugh… why?

See what you think here. If you needed to create your life’s movie trailer, how would it start? Looking back at key times in my life, I think my trailer would be pretty stale… but, let’s try it out and you tell me.

Opening scene: an enthusiastic young man works hard caring for his family’s yard, mowing, raking, moving rocks, weeding and enjoying so much of growing up while learning to hate hard work.  He has life-changing experiences learning the value of hard work, serving his neighbors, creating income and dreaming of being done his work so he can go play and have fun. Then, fast forward to his first job and he’s mowing the neighbor’s yard and raking after… (can’t you hear that guy with the deep movie trailer voice? Fascinating clip!) … 26 years old and he’s getting married, working about 75 hours per week at his design firm and sign company – selling anything people will buy in his design and marketing firm and hiring a staff around him to design and build signs and support marketing initiatives … 30 years old, he’s still selling loads of marketing projects and is struggling to figure out why he hates the job he’s created for himself as the business continues to grow, but continues for 4 more years growing a business where most of his time is spent being 2 people.

Perhaps this movie trailer is a bit boring. But, let’s go on a bit longer and see what happens.

My Two Selves
One of me was the guy at work who hated what he saw every day and who he was becoming. Oh… but the business was making a but-load of money. The other was a guy who studied (and had for over 20 years) spirituality, self, help and the psychology of change (starting with his first Nightingale Conant program on attitude at the age of 7 with evening listening cassettes) – but applied precious little in his life, because he didn’t have the time “right now”. 31 years old – every conversation with friends, family or even his wife ended up about himself, his business, a client, a marketing campaign, a staffing issue, or how important it was to work and provide for family and how he was doing the best he could and that someday life would be different and he will be more present. This is a guy who was so focused on trying to build this marketing firm and he had nearly zero connection with the friends, family and loved ones around him unless the focus was on him and his story… and all the work he was doing remained centered on a story he no longer even wanted to be a part of. It sucked. But, don’t worry – he was making a load of money and he was also gaining weight and his stress level was through the roof! What was the problem with this lengthy segment of his life? During almost all of this time, he was trading time for money. His life was centered on getting the next deal, the sale, the contract because that is how you make a living… you get MORE. You have to sell, sell, sell…  And, the punch line… I was driving home with a pair of contracts worth more than $250,000 and I was not even excited anymore. It wasn’t interesting, I wasn’t passionate about it and I knew I needed to make a change. Want to watch this movie? I wouldn’t… but, I lived it and I’ll tell you this. If you add the next 5 years to the story this movie trailer starts to get pretty damn interesting! Aside from a few blips on the radar, the more I focused on using the GIFTS ® Formula, the less work I actually did that wasn’t my best work, the fewer clients I acquired and the higher my income and quality of life.  Again, to be clear, this isn’t a get rich quick book, unless you define rich as loving your work and how you serve the world each day like never before.

Let’s be clear on my intentions
Don’t get me wrong here.  There’s a lot that I’ve loved about building many businesses and growing them to create massive profits and success for my life and for the lives of my clients and their businesses.  To start a design and marketing business in my teens and to grow consistently until my firm was doing over a million dollars per year by age 30 feels great too.  I’ve had the pleasure of learning enough to allow my wife to raise our kids and stay at home, while spending most of my working life working for myself – which in itself is a very positive achievement over the last 2 decades.  But, at some point, I needed to learn how to love my life and thrive at the same time both personally and professionally, spiritually and emotionally.  I needed to find out how to become the one person who can work and live passionately as the very same person whether in my offices or at home!  Now that I’ve discovered how to do it and actually have proven it out in my own life, creating results far beyond what I ever dreamed was possible so many years ago, I’m taking the time to share exactly what I did to break through, the steps I took in real life – with you. My approach wasn’t always the most effective – but in time, I’ve learned how to launch a life and business and to create huge wins without trading time and quality of life for money at the same time!  I’m living my dream because I had to do it.  Just the thought of dying with my music still in me as my great teacher Wayne Dyer always shared was far more than I could fathom as I drifted off to sleep each night.  As I’m sure you’ll agree, when you must be what you can be, the pursuit of living your ideal day, doing your ideal work and using your greatest strengths is about as exciting as life can ever get!


2008: closed the doors on a multi-million dollar operation and started to figure out what was important to me when the money was no longer my priority! Soul searched and made peace of mind and serving others more important than anything. Begin to build a client base for my life and business coaching practice and teach them to create results based on asking “how may I serve?” instead of “what can I get?” in business. Yah, the movie trailer became one worth watching in this year, but more than that, I was living my life, raising my standards and becoming conscious of my values, priorities and what really matters. And, it all began by closing my doors and starting over when the money was still rollin’ in. Now I make decisions in business based solely on what really matters and not on revenue goals alone. I have far fewer employees and clients, but each day I spend my time using my greatest strengths, doing the work that I was put on this earth to do. Oddly enough, I work harder and more focused now than I ever have in my life. But, also, my life is more amazing and fulfilling than ever because I’m present and not running from the life and work I’ve created. I love what I do no matter how difficult it gets. Each day I monitor where I put my focus and spend my time and energy to vigilantly evaluate how I feel and if I’m on purpose.


Inspiration is my compass
Whether driving to my office or working on a small business strategic growth plan I’m constantly checking my thoughts, patterns, state of mind and routines to gauge whether or not they represent how I want to live my life in this moment. Although it’s my work, this is also my LIFE and how I feel and engage with my gifts in every moment deserves my constant awareness. If driving to my office doesn’t inspire me, I’ll drive to the ocean and sit within view of the waves to work for a while, or take a new road with the window down to see a new view or visit a new town – or just walk on a forest trail and reconnect with nature. If working on a plan doesn’t connect me with my joy, I’ll take an entire day studying a DVD of one of my mentors to sharpen my saw and re-inspire my approach – re-sparking my passion for the game of strategic problem solving. If my commute feels forced or routine, I’ll drive to the mountains and do a half day hike to gain some perspective. Or, I may take half a day off to roll on the floor, play and be silly and goofy with my kids. Why? Because I’m far more effective in each moment when I’m inspired. Inspiration is like a compass that tells me how to turn my life on and ReEnergize and where to direct my thoughts, focus and energy next. It resets me and gets me on track so I can do my best work and give my all to the moment.


Yes, I said NEVER!
One thing I will NEVER do again is hide in my office and continue to spend day after day after day succumbing to the jailer of my half-lived, ever suffering addiction to the business life I’m supposed to live because it’s what everyone else does or expects me to do. The money is fun, appreciated and welcome, but it isn’t why I do the work I do today. It’s a dividend of the gifts I share and a tool to share with those who I Love. I’d rather end my current career than compensate myself with money in trade for an amazing moment or day or experience that may pass me by unnoticed and unappreciated. It will not happen again. Not on my watch. Not during this very short chance I now have to embrace every moment of my life. I choose to ATTACK my life’s moments and create a livelihood that supports my ideal life and business experience. I choose freedom to give the best I’ve got and make it an adventure. It’s what everyone deserves, they just need to learn how to discover their own innate GIFTS and then create and commit to living their own ideal experience – with No Excuses. It’s a formula made up of 5 principles and 6 core elements. When you hear how simple it is and how easy it is to apply this GIFTS® Formula™ in your own life and business, you’ll be thrilled at the changes you begin to experience in your own life.

CHOOSE YOUR CHALLENGE as Your Challenge Chooses You
There is nothing more exciting for you, nor will their ever be, than that moment when you decide that what you want to create or make happen in this short little parenthesis in time you have on this Earth. Of course, it only works if you decide AND take action. Your life change begins NOW!


Permission Granted
The universe gives us all permission to tap our unlimited GIFTS®. Deep down at the bottom of those daily cups of coffee – on that tedious drive to work is NOT where you’re going to find your amazing life. You’ll find it by stopping wherever you are right NOW and asking how you feel, are you energized, is what you’re doing serving others and filling you with a sense of purpose and life? It’s in that moment and you’ll know when it happens -when you realize that this life-launching journey isn’t about you and it isn’t about trading time for money or waiting for the right time… it’s about giving everything you have because you have to, because it’s what you were put on this earth to do. Your challenge chooses you, but only if you’re listening and only if your intentions are pointed in the right direction.  You need to learn to be present, to be conscious of your daily experiences. You need to watch with unflagging vigilance how you live your life and where you invest your attention, time, energy and focus! See, this book isn’t actually about creating your freedom and your adventure at all – without first working to create it for others. Choosing your challenge and changing the world requires sharing your GIFTS® for an entirely different reason altogether and where the guidance, support and answers come from may surprise you…   but, more on that later.


Itching for a better reason
If for you hammering it in life like I did on the gas during driver’s ed is getting out on vacation 2 to 4 times a year to sit on a beach or to not work this weekend and have some mall time with the family, then, maybe it’s time to recalibrate your adventurous side. What if you could ignite your fire for life on any work or day-off day because to you, they all feel the same? Do you know what sparks your mojo – your zest for life and juice for action? Do you know what raises your energy, moves you from getting work done to thriving and loving your work? If there is any part of what you do that derives from “just because you have to”, “it’s what’s expected” or “it’s what you were told to do”, then here’s something to ponder from my own life. For all the challenges of hard work and parental guidance and upbringing that cultivated and reinforced much of my untiring work ethic, I had yet to learn this one magic lesson. I needed to discover for myself the source of passion and purpose that supersedes all the money, free time, pleasure and comfort in the world. I was itching to learn it soon, but it would come at a price …

The burning and itching sensation on my face was almost unbearable and I awoke to someone was scratching and clawing at the dried and inflamed skin on my face. Oddly enough, it only took a few seconds to realize that the hands doing the scratching were my own! I can remember the horror as if it were yesterday – that painful and panicked rush of confusion literally willing me to leap out of bed to my bedroom mirror to explore what they hell was wrong with me! What I saw looking back at me was an imposter. The swollen face, with eyes barely peering out through what appeared to be slits in just baked dinner rolls could not be my face! Apparently I was just having a very real nightmare. Now if you’ve never gotten into poison ivy like I had the day before, then the feeling of utter dread can only be understood by experiencing it yourself (and I would wish it on no one).   With red welts and blisters that had spread all over my entire body, it’s hard to imagine how I had remained asleep… I couldn’t even close my fingers together as they were swollen to what seemed like twice their size!

You may wonder why I’m sharing this uncomfortable bit of my life with you. Well, at 12 years old, in my life this was a huge challenge that put me at odds with the world’s big questions.   As my list of family chores grew, starting at around age 4-ish, I experienced many of the frustrations of a young boy with parents who truly cared about teaching me the values of hard work and carrying my weight. Recently, and directly during the poison ivy and sumac incident, this meant steel tooth raking acres of land to create hundreds of small rock piles… They were small because the rocks were so awkward and heavy, making big piles was impossible by hand. Every pile we swept together inspired in us (my twin brother and sister) the joyful anticipation of a long hike up the hill and into the woods to the dump pile behind my family’s pool. This book isn’t my memoir, so suffice it to say that from age 4 to 18 I learned enough about yard care, clean up, mowing, raking and otherwise making long grass short to last a lifetime! Note that these were just the summer chores and not a full list.   And, if I haven’t said it already, I’m very grateful for the lessons this upbringing taught me. At some point in all of our lives we feel entitled to have fun, be free and enjoy what hard work and money can bring us. My family certainly provided all of the wonderful trappings and activities any young boy could wish for. But, very early on I learned that you didn’t get it, unless you earned it. Period.
Now, back to my “Yoda Alien” face (that’s what my “friends” at school called me) and a very uncomfortable lesson in my young life. This skin rash poison ivy/sumac situation happened dead-center of my steel tooth raking summers and also in the middle of 6th grade! It was a shock when my parents informed me that you don’t miss school for rashes. “You’ll be fine”, they said. “Just don’t listen to what the other kids say.” Boy that was easy advice for them to give me… in their position.


Wakeup Call is Given
I’ll never forget this life-changing moment and at the time I had no idea the significance it would have later in life. My bedroom was built into our basement and became a cool and inviting retreat in the middle of the hot summers growing up. On the Saturday following my Yoda-Alien face school nightmare my rash was at an all time high in inflammation and itchiness and it was yard workday. Rather than face, yet again, this “evil” ritual, I literally melted down – ran to my bedroom shouting all sorts of anger filled “opinions” about yard work and how horrible life was. After about an hour of just stewing and laying on my back in bed, fully dressed and on the top of the covers – I stared at the ceiling and watched the rays of sunlight spread across the room from the small basement style window. As a young kid, this experience was amazingly traumatic and I can remember to this day the anger, confusion and frustration I felt at the time. How could I be expected to work with this horrible affliction and in the midday sun? It was too much to bear at the time. Then, it happened. I became unbelievably calm and contemplative, which I think was just a result of my exhausted, overheated body and mind just shutting down and surrendering to massive suffering. It’s the one time in my young life where I vividly remember stopping the crazy thoughts in my head and rather than stewing any longer I felt very calm and present as I asked this question.


Asking Great Questions
“Why am I doing this? Why am I here? Why do I have to do all this work and really what will happen if I just don’t do anything anymore? What if I don’t scratch my horrible rash and I don’t get angry and I don’t do yard work and I don’t even talk. One day I’m going to be gone and when I leave I don’t get to take any prizes with me, so what’s the point of all this stuff I’m doing every day anyways?” It was a moment of total surrender and it was magically frightening and empowering at the same time. As I continued to lie in bed and look up at the sunlight, I enjoyed watching the rays just intertwine with the shadows and the swirled pattern of the ceiling.

Then, again I asked the best question I think I could ever ask, not realizing the gravity of my self-reflection at the time. “Why am I doing any of this work? Why should I suffer like this? Am I doing this for me or for someone else?” At that question, I got a jolt of energy from I don’t know where and stood upright in my bed, dirty sneakers and all and looked out my basement window. From this very low vantage point I could see my dad, all covered in sweat showing my brother how to change a trailer attachment on the tractor, my mom working in the garden beds weeding and my sister down in the yard with the wheel-barrow, loading rocks… all just working away. Who were they doing this for? I knew if I asked my sister she would say because Mom and Dad said to. Same with my brother…   But what about my parents? Why were they doing it? And, the answer came in a rush of emotion… They were working to create a place to raise the family and to be outdoors together and to take care of our home and because it needed doing … they were doing it as their own version of love for our family. I knew they weren’t doing it just because they wanted to work in the yard… there just had to be more to it!


In that very moment I felt a warm breeze and a real sense of awakening as it became clear to me that they were giving their best for someone else and a greater good. Now I circled back to my first question as peaceful knowing washed over me… “Why am I doing this, why am I here?” My first inner-response was that I was here for some greater purpose, but I needed to find out what.

Then, I asked this new question, “How would it feel if I was working hard to give to someone else?” Suddenly, with the focus off what I wanted and the pleasure, comfort or convenience that I needed… it almost felt better – like I had more energy to do this work as long as it wasn’t just to help myself, but rather someone I cared about! If I did something wrong, I could say that I was giving my best to help someone else.

Could I work hard in the yard, with my family or for someone else if I saw it as giving, meaningful and to make a difference for someone else? Could I help if they were calling for help for the right reasons and intentions? My answer was… Yes. I could. More than that it felt like being giving was the only way to keep my energy going strong when the work wasn’t worth it for MY own personal need. It could be worth it to serve someone else who was really calling for my help. When I was doing my work because I needed money or because it’s what I was supposed to do because I was ordered to, then it felt like slave labor rife with suffering. But, if I could see what I was doing as giving and part of a bigger picture of caring and serving – doing what mattered – almost answering a call… I could muster far more energy than I had in my life. Arriving at this answer felt amazing at the time. How could just changing my view of my work change how my life felt in almost any circumstance? I felt powerful. My young mind reeled at the possibilities of this discovery.


So, as I lay back down on my bed I thought back to those moments in my young life when I had heard a call to help.

When my little sister was hurt as she sledded down a hill and hit some fallen trees, when my brother fell off his bike onto his teeth and knocked them out, when my sister fell of the tire swing, when my dad needed help moving a wood pile for my grandfather when he was sick, when my grandmother’s roof was leaking and we needed to shovel it to make an urgent repair… and the list goes on. For all of these times I worked joyfully, energized with the idea that what I was doing was truly making a difference for someone else. In every case I jumped, ran or otherwise showed up to help – and it was hard work – yet easy to take on for the right reasons.


The “G” in GIFTS® Formula

If what I chose to do in my life was giving, then I could enjoy it, feel great about the sweat and the grind and the soreness and exhaustion. I could feel the reward of doing things just because it needed to be done for someone I cared about – regardless of the reason they had for asking my help. And, I could care about anyone if my frame of mind was right!

Although for years my life never fully measured up to the actions that would demonstrate my understanding of this lesson, as each day goes by I remind myself of that moment in my basement and the power that giving creates in our lives. On that day so many years ago, upon my realization I wiped the tears from my face and headed out of my bedroom, through the attached garage and out into the heat of the summer day to grab a rake and get back to work. After another hour of working my Dad yelled down to me from the top of the driveway, “Hey skate, everything all ok now?” I answered that I was fine, knowing that if he had heard my “opinions” earlier, he may not have welcomed me back to the family workday in exactly this way… although I’m not so sure. Being a Dad now I realize that sometimes you just need to freak out so you can burn out, stop and reflect. This is one of dozens of times I flipped out at my parents growing up and they always seemed to move from getting angry at me to giving me space to fizzle out a bit. Then, we’d talk and I’d get back to living my day. What a gift it is to remember those times and realize the true challenge of being a parent knowing that they took the hard path that day – hoping it would forge in me the core of my values so critical to succeeding later in life. When I think back to friends whose parents just let them run the show and do what they wanted, I feel badly about their missed opportunities. Although I don’t know where those kids are today, I do know that everyone learns the big lessons at some point and it’s helpful when you can run the gauntlet in a loving home and with supportive parents like I did. Since my parents were divorced, I enjoyed the love of my mom and dad at home and then my biological mom an hour or so away. They all cared so much to provide their own versions of the lessons they taught. Learning these big lessons about giving out in the big wide world can cost you a bunch more than an hour or two in your bedroom or getting grounded. It pays to become aware in life as soon as possible so you can limit the number of big mistakes. I had learned a big one during this experience and it would lead me to a constant, searching hunger for what I could do with the gifts I’ve been given – even if at face-value I couldn’t always just do what I want – I could give the best of what I have in a way that is giving, helpful and the very best I have to give. But, more than that, I could work to discover what gifts I actually had to give. I could discover talents, strengths, passions and purpose that lay dormant awaiting my own exploration… my new mindset.


What is The GIFTS® Formula?

The Gifts® Formula is a manifestation of my life-long curiosity and search for how we as human beings can discover the often dormant gifts we’ve been given and the powers we were placed on this earth to wield and share – not for our own rewards and wins that many feel they are entitled to, but for others – because we are called to help in our own special way. There are 5 principles that make up the acronym GIFTS®. They are giving, inspiration, focus, tools and service. Then, within the GIFTS® Formula there are 6 core elements needed for creating life and business change. They are identity, mindset, presence, awareness, influence and progress. With nothing more than these key ingredients, anyone can launch their life, business and their ability to serve and thrive to a level beyond their wildest dreams and I’ll show you how with real life examples throughout the following chapters.

The Big Lesson: When you become acutely and actively aware of your true intentions to GIVE in any and all circumstances and you do it with the powerful GIFTS you have inside you already, you’ll always be enough, have enough and give enough to enough people in your life. Your life experience will be filled with adventure, freedom, success, money, growth, love and abundance in a manner you could never experience if your sole intentions were simply to serve yourself. By giving in all of your actions, you become free of the struggle of work. And, it is at this moment you never have to trade time for money and suffering ever again as long as you live!

What do you do right now?
Although it may sound so simple and fundamental, If you want to launch your life and business, become giving and helpful in every way you possibly can right now. See what you do – every step, breath, call, word and action as furthering your own giving system. Want a better job? Study how to become massively helpful to your target companies and WOW them with your helpfulness. Want to increase sales in your current business? Become obsessed with helping your ideal buyers get the solutions, feeling and experiences they most desire. Create value for others at every turn even before the sale! Focus on this first and let the money take a back seat. Next time you have a prospect-meeting, make it all about them, their challenges, helping them, discovering their greatest priorities. If they aren’t in alignment or truly in need of your service, then help them to NOT buy what you have to offer.


For Your Wallet
Now, a lesson for us all that I keep very close to my heart, written on a card in my wallet and in front of me in as many places as I think necessary, these words.

“When you are confused, lost, frustrated, angry, doubtful, sad, suffering or afraid, ask what you can give in this moment for someone else and put all of your focus on giving it – asking nothing in return. The dividends will change your life in each moment and forever.”

This is the very root of the GIFTS® Formula, because it’s the #1 source for ReEnergizing every aspect of your life and business – literally reframing the reality you experience based on your reasons – your WHY for experiencing it.

Now, you must learn where your best gifts come from and how to discover your purpose in this world. That’s where the excitement begins and I’m inspired to share it with you next!


Success means filling the “more” void!
All success requires consistent and high levels of energy. It seems like at some point most of us have forgotten what it means to go ‘crazy’ and to find our source for generating life-powering energy! To tap that source of instant and unlimited energy that locks our focus on one thing and sets all of our wheels, gears and power in motion to make it happen – whatever “it” is. Essentially, the action required to bump our lives out of neutral into a powerful 3rd gear – full of torque and skid marks keeps getting bigger and bigger, until at some point, the pilot lights in our jet engines just go out and nothing is really all that exciting anymore. I’ll admit that at times, I wished I could win the lottery and just not work for a while. Then, I realized a powerful truth… after thinking it through I couldn’t imagine what I would do to fill that space! There’s this void we all fill with the “need more money” excuse, but if given the chance to have that time where we didn’t have to work for money, what would we do? Is it what we’re doing now? If not, then WHY NOT?

Diverted at 4 years old
For the sake of contrast, let me play a quick scene out in my 4-year-old daughter’s morning. She has apparently won the lottery, because her life isn’t muddled with things like work and money hunger. She can’t use that excuse like we all have.

It’s early morning and the fog has yet to lift from the river across the street from my home. Keep in mind, I often get up earlier than the kids to find my space, do some meditation, just greet the first weekend day that I know will be spent with my jubilant little crazies and lovely wife…. And, as the clock nears 6am, my internal nerve system sharpens to alert awareness that a storm is a brewin’ … and soon, very soon, that quiet corner time I’ve learned to prize warmly each day is about to be shattered into a new phase of my day…   then, it happens.

My sweet, delicate blonde-headed 4 year old comes thundering down stairs at 5:58 am on Saturday morning with a slight fog in her glance, crazy hair (so freakin’ cute) and her mouth is running at level 10 about what she wants to do today!

“Daddy, Mommy, we’re gonna go outside today and I’ll ride my bike and we’ll build a fairy house and can we do the skateboard Daddy and I’m hungry and I’m so excited, so excited, exci – i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ted!!! Daddy, will you be home today, I miss you when you’re not home, I’m hungry… Can we make pancakes, can we color the pancakes, I want to make them pink… can we make them pink?”

As I emerge from my hot cup of (let’s just say Ginger tea with Cayanne pepper and lemon), sitting barefoot on her playroom sofa, my initial anxiety about moving from mantras to morning chaos and maelstroms quickly shifts to pure joy at seeing my tiny little wonder – so full of joy at the mysteries of life! At some point all of us had this same energy… but what happened? When did the search for money or doing the responsible thing replace the thrill of life?

Are you excited?
Now, let’s look at your normal morning. How does it start for you? Do you wonder where you’ll ride your bike today? Or, if you can make colored pancakes? What questions do you ask when you first wakeup? I used to ask questions like, “What is due today at work, who is waiting for me, what do I have to get through to get through to the weekend?… etc.” What are the daily rituals you’ve committed to that inspire you right away so you come bounding down the stairs (carefully at my house, we have dangerously steep 1772 farmhouse wooden steps) excited to choose today’s challenge, to change your world and make progress on those 2 big projects that mean so much to you that you just have to get started? Just as you begin to nod off to sleep, what do you get excited about, feel most proud of or just put in your thoughts about that vision for your future and how it’s coming true? How much are you just getting through so you can be done with it? Let’s be honest with each other for one second… we ALL do it. But, if there’s any part of your life that isn’t exciting, meaningful and adventurous – making you feel free to do the work and have the experiences that make this a life worth living – then what are you waiting for?


Why not you? Why not now?
Did you know that every person in the world can create a new trajectory in their life and wake up so thrilled to be alive and have today – to put their dent in the earth and really make a meaningful difference that they are just as excited as a 4 year old child embracing the mystery of her day?

What does this teach us about our lives and businesses? First, it teaches us that energy comes from excitement, where every thought is about something exciting, new and adventurous. Can you remember thinking about your bike as sleep eluded you for hours – while you played movies in your imagination about all the wonderful jumps and turns and trails you’d explore with your friends tomorrow?


You can define your ideal life challenge and then choose it, tackling it with everything you’ve got. Working hard is awesome, when it’s Your life’s work!


Experiences also teaches us that when you picture doing what you want, having an adventure, living in freedom or your chosen service, you produce loads of life-giving energy; more than enough to share with your world and regardless of what is right, what is reasonable, and anyone else’s best timing, requirements, rules or expectations.


  • Does your day ever begin filled with bliss or this one more chance to be present and to make it happen?
  • What would you need to do, see, think or create differently to generate unlimited, excited, life-freeing energy?
  • What would you have to eliminate from your thinking, your language, your relationships, your work and your day?
  • What decisions would you need to make?
  • What assumptions would you need to eliminate?


Just starting this asking process, this contemplation of what creates your excitement and energy for life is a core lesson of the Gifts® Formula. Deep down inside, you believe things about yourself that are either creating the passionate, enthusiastic joy of life – or destroying it. A formula is something that when the right ingredients are brought together you always get the same result – you create what is expected. As you execute the ingredients of this book with reckless abandon and total disregard for what society thinks you should be doing, I promise that you will source that well of magic and power deep within you that has been screaming to be re-released since you lost it at aroun 4 years old. Today, you can choose to give your true GIFTS their freedom. You don’t need anything else but what you already have inside and you can start now.


If you want it.



One of my biggest mistakes cost me about $1million dollars in 1 year and it was my greatest move ever.


Before I get to that, let me give you a little timeline that will help you understand some hotspots of my entrepreneurial, maverick, non-conformist background. The reason I feel confident sharing this book with you and my story is that I’ve overcome my self-imposed suffering ways and now I live a life more amazing, abundant and exciting than I ever thought was possible. I was asked recently (more than once) what would I do if my business just failed and my profession wasn’t working out… My answer has been very easy to share every time the question is asked. Here’s what I say in brief, “I would do the work that I do today because it’s the challenge I choose. It can’t fail because it’s who I am. Who I am can’t fail. I’ll fail at some things, but my unflagging self-belief and certainty in the life changing work I’m blessed to be able to give allows me to course correct and improve how I serve others constantly. As with everyone I’m a work in progress, but I’ll never stop giving the gifts I’ve been given to share with the world. I’ve been given the gift of realizing why I was put on this earth. It was to help identify dormant gifts and resources in people and businesses and help them to share their gifts and serve others by choosing their challenge to live their ideal life and work (life’s work) experience.”


A quick timeline: (so you know the guy a bit who’s sharing all this stuff with you)


February 1975 – I was born on Sunday the 16th and as usual it was damn cold on this winter day. The temperature had once again plummeted to about 17degrees and just as soon as the news came in that my mom was in labor, my Dad did what any new father would do when learning that his twin sons were being born… he grabbed a bottle of whiskey (for anti-freeze purposes so he tells me) and jumped on his snowmobile at our Southern Maine lake house camp and headed out for a lengthy ride on the Indian trails and across the vast expanses of blueberry plains and connecting regional lakes. I’m not sure exactly what my mother thought of this initial response to our arrival, but at the time she was otherwise occupied. My identical twin brother joined the world 10 minutes before I did, because as in many times throughout my life, I had other ideas of what worked for me. On this day, it had little to do with being born. If it weren’t for the persistence of the Dr. on call, I’m fairly certain my twin would be 1 day older than me rather than just a few minutes.


Sometime in 1979-ish – While sitting in our family room with my Dad, I watched him lace up his work boots with fascination. To me, my Dad was always larger than life, – a superhero who could do it all. Today, he is one of my best friends and still inspires me with his character, integrity, giving nature and genius. As always, I was open about asking questions and this time, the response created almost impossible levels of excitement and hopes for an exciting Saturday outdoors! Today, he said, “We’ll be having a stick party!” After getting dressed and putting on my own outdoor gear, we (my twin brother and older sister) were directed out into the back yard, each handed brown paper grocery bags and patted on the bum with instructions on how to pick up sticks to see who could get the most! After hours of “winning” this contest much like my brother and sister thought they were too, it finally sunk in. Life was going to be hard and my Dad wanted us to work as we grew up – to learn what it meant to take care of our property and to move wood-piles and brush! Honing our work ethic was pretty easy for my Dad, because we had a VERY large yard (acres) to clear of brush and sticks over the years to ready the property for lawn and then in 1983, for sale and our big move across town! I learned to sweat, to get frustrated and work through it, to argue over what was fair and not and mostly to see a task that needed to be done that loomed larger than ever and to knock that project down regardless of size or time limitations. I learned to focus on the task and to slug it out for the win! (If you’ve ever mowed 2 acres by hand, then you know how what I mean) There was really nothing more rewarding than handling one of my father’s huge yard work tasks and getting his praise and enthusiasm upon completion (and sometimes a tall glass of something cold to drink was nice too). We learned as kids to be proud of our hard work and to appreciate the feeling of accomplishment… proud enough as my Dad always said, “to put our signature in the corner at completion.” This applied to cleaning out the garage, moving a wood pile, grading the yard, picking up sticks or cleaning the pool! And, on many occasions, we learned to do this work for others who couldn’t do it for themselves – whether yard work or helping a neighbor with a project; or cleaning up the town green after a town event, it was just how we were brought up. The Lindquists get to work and make it happen. When we first moved in there were pine trees every few feet, but in time, we had a large, spacious, well-groomed lawn… all due to weekend after weekend of full day “stick parties”. Dad, if you’re reading this, I want you to know how much gratitude I have for those times in my young life. I learned a lot and it was not easy, but, let’s face it, you also added adventure to the mix regularly as well! The tire swing that swung out over the blazing 25 foot bon-fire with smoke so thick I could barely breathe or see as I squealed with glee at every eye-ball stinging, lung burning push out over its peak! Or, the actual swing set you built for us where we could risk our lives daily in the land of imagination, cops and robbers and secret clubs! It wasn’t all work, but when it became time to work, we were doing it young and often. Our lawns were meticulous and if you’ve never seen a perfect post and rail fence around 2.5 acres, I’m sure we have pictures somewhere of this masterpiece as well.


Summer 1982: Sent to principal’s office in 2nd grade for secretly leading my “spy club” at recess around the building and into the front parking lot of the school. We were caught, I was in trouble, but the big win was… we spied on my teacher on her break – for real. She was eating a sandwich… but, we did it and now, as real spies, I learned that I could be anything I wanted to be. I don’t spy much now, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.


Mid October 1982: While sitting in 2nd grade a newspaper reporter showed up at the school to photograph some students who had built a scarecrow for a school project and they foolishly asked a bunch of 7 year olds to raise their hands if they were involved. All I heard was, “raise your hands” because I wasn’t much of a listener at the time, and I’ve always been somewhat extroverted, so I raised mine. The next day my photo was in one of the New Hampshire newspapers standing next to a scarecrow that I had nothing to do with building. The photo came out great and it was exciting to me, but the others in the shot and the second grade teachers were not too pleased at this outcome. Lesson: Say yes quickly, volunteer for sure, but at some point find out what you said yes to before your picture ends up in the paper.



Spring 1984: At 9 years old my father shared his philosophy on giving me money when I wanted to go to the movies with friends and it went kinda like this… “Sure, you can have this money this one time, but if you take it don’t ever ask for any money from me again.” At such time he shared how my Granddad (his father) had said the same thing at one point and he thought passing it down yet another generation would be a great idea. When he said this and I took action, my life was changed forever in the money department and how to attract it into my life. It’s amazing how easily you can make $40 in one day at 9 years old just knocking on doors early mornings, raking and mowing lawns. It’s amazing how many people today people complain that there are no jobs. Here’s some advice for you if you don’t have a job… Give yourself one… literally HIRE YOURSELF NOW. Just think of how to bring value to somebody in need and give that value with all the power and persistence you can muster. In no time you’ll be in business once you get the hang of it! Nobody gave me my job as an entrepreneur, results coach and CEO… I created it by asking that big important question, “How May I Serve?” and aligning my offer with my strengths, passions and skills. During this moment of frustration with my Dad, I shifted from feeling entitled to empowered to help others. I firmly believe that this learning experience was yet another one of my formative moments – when I began to embody the entrepreneurial spirit I share today.  There hasn’t been any “hard” work I’ve faced in my business any more challenging and daunting than the scope of work we faced in my own back yard growing up.

A few key wins from the hard work ethic, discipline and risk taking growing up?

  • Cleared brush from a families yard so we could have their pool
  • Learned to drive a tractor for my future lawn-care business (opened at 11).
  • Never saw school-work as hard compared to the stick parties!
  • When my Dad got us running at age 5 or 6, my brother and I took to it like fish to water and ran nearly every day from about 6th grade until I was 20 years old. Running has become for me an analogy to life… just about putting one foot in front of another and not stopping.
  • Learned to take risks and also to reap rewards by knocking on stranger’s doors day after day asking to mow lawns or rake
  • Learned to make things right when my Dad or lawn customers had problems with my work. I was able to focus on the solution, not the problem and just get it done in service.


1991 – Sell illustrations and caricatures at the mall and to an area business for great money! (Including to Structure and 2 housing development companies)

1995 – Get fired from my greenhouse job and open a small illustration and design studio full time on my own, then sell a marketing design to the green house the following week. (Thanks Mark!)

1997 – 2001 – Rebrand my illustration studio as a graphic design studio while selling design work on programs I didn’t know how to use. I learned by creating a HAVE TO situation and then picking the brains of local print shop staff and anyone who would talk to me. During the same years, I worked in 2 print shops, a copy shop and 2 sign shops and learned everything I could about sign engineering, graphic design, prepress, fonts and layout. I also learned what it means to be up days in a row learning how to create “clipping paths” for artwork (nevermind) by reading a 2 inch thick adobe manual cover to cover and knowing that I have a delivery date for over 20,000 beer 6-pack and shipping case packages and cartons in 4 days.   A wonderful local brewery hired me to create their packaging and I had never used the programs needed to produce the work in my life. This was how I learned it and I had less than a week to do it! Do you smell that? Yah, it’s feet in the fire!

2001-2008 – Open and grow my full service marketing company – Varuna Design & Advertising, LLC exponentially to over $1 million in annual revenue in the first 5 years, while making some of the worst business choices you can make (and some VERY good ones), creating a job I mostly hated and suffering for it as I banked lots of money and gained lots of weight in a job that stressed me out beyond belief as the owner of my own company, with 12 full time staff and many other contract team members. During this time, we had over 60 clients at one time, I made well into the 6 figures, hired and worked with amazing talent and learned everything not to do in a small business – while selling and growing like my business and stress level like a madman. It wasn’t all bad, because I loved the creative and business building process. My main problem was lack of awareness of how important NOW was at the time (and still is). It wasn’t until the end of this business that I learned the magic and power of celebrating the little wins along the way and more so how to witness how I felt in each moment so I could change my habits, mindset and quality of life for the better.

2000 – Open a sign company “Designtech” and build a sign shop in a run-down mill building I tried to run this at the same time as my advertising firm and started my days at between 3 and 5am daily trying to make it work right about the time I got married. Yikes! Not good timing. But, when is timing ever right – really?

2001 – Experience an out of state business stealing over $42,000 in signs and awnings from my company and learn the legal system really well first hand. We won, but I got out of the sign business a few weeks later!

2007 – Breakdown, breakthrough and Innerspire is born – I’m gonna be a life and business coach! But, I didn’t really start the coaching consistently until 2012 because it didn’t seem responsible at the time. Boy did I learn the hard way!

2008 – Merger begins with a failing marketing firm and goes terribly wrong – which gives me great perspective on my business and what is important to me. This move costs me nearly $1million in well-established business and forces me to regroup. I’m so grateful for this experience and appreciate the myriad of challenges it created in my life.

2009 – Launch Innerspire as a marketing firm less than 1 day after cancelling the merger relationship and learning lots of legal and due diligence lessons. For example: I secured about $100,000 in new business within the first week of opening and also honored projects for pennies on the dollar and some even for FREE that were contracted (that I sold) at the “merger” company that they never completed. It was extremely important for me to honor my previous commitments and finish projects – many of which I would require little or no pay at all.

2009 – 2011 – Build Innerspire, LLC to a well respected marketing firm around East Coast US primarily – working with amazing national and regional brands.

2011 – 2014 – After being moved by some e-mails I received from an online Life Coach training program and buying their books, I realized that many of the top life and business coaches were doing the kind of work that I wanted to do and it seemed very intuitive and easy for me since I had studied how to get results in business. I also had extensive change science and behavioral psychology under my belt – not to mention a lifetime to both listening to and reading hundreds of books on the topic of life, self and business improvement. The idea of hearing complicated problems and helping clients with simple and easy to understand solutions was inspiring and warmed my soul. As soon as I began to deliver this service in earnest, I grew this business to provide a comfortable 6 figure income in less than 6 months in addition to growing and thriving with my marketing firm which had already achieved being my primary source of income for over a decade and a half. It’s within these years that I began the transition to entrepreneur and results coach, not just a marketing guy anymore – and it was awesome! Speaking, writing, coaching – this is my central calling and now I knew it more than ever and was living proof just as soon as I started. Nate Lindquist Results Coaching was born!

2014 – onward – Create my ideal business and lifestyle by taking some of my own medicine, downsizing my practice and focusing on fewer clients and more personal attention! If you are a client of mine today, then you know who you are. Never in my professional experience have I been so very grateful for the wonderful clients I enjoy working with today.

Between 2011 and 2013 I learned how to change everything about how I did business and integrated my greatest work with my ideal life. In late 2013, I took action and changed everything again – like never before. It really all comes down to 5 major lessons that everyone needs to learn if they are going to free their life and share their greatest gifts right now. These are what I call the 5 nows of creating massive change.


Here they are:

  1. Now – you hear the call – I must do this now
  2. Now – you ignore it and create more pain
  3. Now – you decide to heed the call
  4. Now – you disconnect from the old pattern – burn the boats
  5. Now – you put all of your focus on the new plan, taking the island (and your life back!)

ReEnergize: The critical first step to launching life and business
There are many catalysts for ReEnergizing, so here is a helpful list for your review. As you read it, you might consider if you have enough of these in your life to create the amazing energy you’ll need to launch your life and biz to the ultimate and ideal vision we’re going to help you create within the pages of this book!













A Call for Help

Vision – seeing the win in advance








Taking Action – Movement

Self belief







Sure, there are more creators of energy, but my guess is that you could easily arrive at a plan to inject the above examples into your life more often – maybe even as a part of your daily rituals? I know that I couldn’t live without them anymore and once you get a taste of your new “ideal life experience plan” you’ll never look back again with anything but gratitude that you’ve chosen to launch your life with no excuses! Read on and find out exactly how by recognizing your 2 selves you can combine the best qualities of each and ReEnergize with more power than 99.9% of the people you’ll see today in passing!



Ready to Change Your Life Trajectory?
By reading further in this book, you run a serious risk of changing the course of your life and creating an entirely new set of rules about how you’ll make your mark, live your day, do your best work. I’m going to share the exact steps that I’ve taken and that I take my clients through as well – many of whom have gone on to tremendous new levels of success, freedom and passion in their own businesses and careers.


Normal need not apply
This book is not for normal or fitting in or compromising. And, it’s not a quick formula for working less or getting rich – for some, you’ll find that you’ll re-open this book for inspiration and ideas to renew your commitment to constant growth and change throughout your life – whether in business or personally, there really is no difference in where you share your GIFTS® – just as long as you share them with total self belief, integrity and trust that you become who you believe you are. What you are reading includes a step-by-step system with real life examples of how to launch your life and your business with a passion for the work – feeling great that the sweat is earned giving your gifts rather than trading time for money. It’s about discovering the freedom to work anywhere and do anything that serves your soul and heart first and then the world too – because that’s the only way you’ll ever give your very best life.


Get out while you still can!
Consider this your last warning that if you want to remain comfortable, complacent, bored, dissatisfied or increasingly trapped behind the rules and standards currently chaining down your life by a society drowning in “have to” and “should” and “what responsible means”, then this book is NOT for you. Put it down, get back to trading time for money, going after some sales, hitting the numbers or just getting by … and tomorrow, when all those who read on are bounding from bed and shouting, “I will share my GIFTS! I choose to live my great adventure, choose my challenge and live my dream life by MY FRIGGIN’ RULES!” – you won’t have to worry about the risk. You can sleep in and miss the party for a few more minutes, hours, days or years of your life.


Your Business could launch like never before!
(Just imagine the amazing jolt you could give your business and life results today if you understood the power you can wield simply by tapping your GIFTS! No matter how successful you’ve been in your life I guarantee these fundamental steps will awaken enough power in only the first small change you make to launch the rewards of your life dramatically! Within just the first paragraph of the next chapter you’ll unleash a set of questions that haven’t passed your lips in this order EVER before that will make your fingers tingle and bring a tear of joy and excitement to your eye. Don’t take my word for it. Just because I ignored one of those life changing questions for over a decade and missed out on my biggest life change until just recently, doesn’t mean you need to listen to your own best intuition. You can wait as long as you like. Let it ripen like a fine wine if that’s what works best for you. Not everyone wants to skip the tough lessons and learn from someone who has already made the mistakes. (I’ve got many more to make, but I’ve fixed some doozies over time and don’t intend to make them EVER again)


SO, you like rules?
If you like the rules as they stand today, then perhaps you’d be safer to avoid the thought provoking life-altering questions inside this book. But, you’re about to take a glimpse at your own GIFTS and the light of change and opportunity will be vibrant and bright. You may even act on it and begin creating massive change in your own right! So, be careful before pressing on.


From 2 selves to 1
If that crazy little “wild-side” wants to join your daily life side and create some chaos and change that you can never unlearn that will change how you see your life and business adventure forever… read on.


Thank You!
By the way… thanks for reading the first chapter of my book, The GIFTS® Formula: Life and Biz Launch – Now, Now, Now, Now, Now. Want to read the rest of it? It would be my honor to send it to you!


Special Offer for Early Adopters:
The lessons and message of The GIFTS® Formula Book are too beneficial and powerful to ignore or hide from those who need to experience it. I want to get this book out to the world in hopes that some of you will take what you read seriously, start getting curious about the power you can apply in your own life using the gifts you already harbor deep inside and share your life changing lessons with those whom you care about. After years of watching thousands of faces pressed against coffee cups staring mindlessly down the same mundane road Monday through Friday, it’s my dream to inspire and reinforce this new and growing movement toward living and giving an amazing, free, inspiring and adventurous life.


The Book is Being Published Now!

(and yah, although it’s VERY exciting – the publisher wants to see some pre-buys! So, if you’d like to get a copy and help my cause, take action for me below.  It all starts with an e-mail to the below address!)


Buy one and share one:

If you’d like to get your copy of this book for much less than the cover price at a cost of $15.90 (plus shipping and handling), please e-mail me at and I’ll share (very soon) the first shipping dates. We will only be able to accommodate the first 500 buyers at this price due to the high publishing costs, but I’m so honored that you’ve taken the time to read the first chapter of my book – I’ll at least make sure you, the first readers get your full copy at this discounted price. It’s the best way I know to say thank you for taking the time to read and share in my ideas and to get this important call to action out to the world!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-Nate Lindquist



First 10 Things of Your Day – That Can Change Your Life.



The morning coffee WILL NOT FIX YOUR DAY! (sometimes it’s nice…)  No matter how hard you try!

Sometimes all the creating brainstorming and strategizing about what to change or how to create change in your life bypasses some really simple questions you can ask.

For a renewed sense of excitement, adventure and energy in your day here are a couple guidelines to live by and then a really simple exercise you can do now, now, now, now, now! Why not? If you’re thinking – I’m really not going to do this stupid thing, then that’s all the more reason to DO IT!


Stop – Do it now! Or, fall into the life-crippling ruts that we ALL fall into again today.


Seriously, if you don’t do it, then I’m going to find you and get into your car with you and ask you questions all the way to #work. (not really, but it would be fun – don’t you think? Hey there Rita, what’s this feel like now? Where are you driving? Do you like this commute? How do you like going into a cubicle? Did you forget your lunch in the rush?)



Here are the action steps. Please be careful not to let them inspire you so much you think you’ve #WON, but actually you still didn’t take any #lifechanging action. Inspiration is a STEP, but you need to follow it with action. Savvy?


Ok, here we go. Ready? Gonna become a master of changing your life and creating your ideal life and adventure? Like #RobHatch says, Work Like Your On Vacation! You can’t do that if you don’t know what it is for you – right? It’s time to find out. I know this seems hard, but after the first day, it just gets easier and easier.  Let’s reset your perfect day by checking in on your CURRENT day.  (If you like this, check out Rob Hatch’s post here on resetting… which is also super important)


  1. The second you wake up (have a little notebook and pen by the bed) ask these questions an write down the answer…
    1. What result do I want first? Do I want to feel grateful, loving, valuable and powerful – or how I often feel?
    2. What am I most grateful for?
    3. Who do I love and who loves me?
    4. What win can I create and celebrate TODAY? (Often people wait for their big win, like getting 5 new clients this month, vs. dancing at their little steps and wins – like sending out 5 personal letters and client appreciation gifts 5 days in a row with total discipline) You will create one win today – what is it?
    5. Who am I? Sit and write down the juiciest, most exciting, valuable, rewarding, thrilling description of you, you character, your life and everything that makes you a super star (as if it’s already here!). Say “I am… not I will”… Live it from the END! Got it?
  2. Now, for a whole week, do the above and date each day. Then, the other thing you will do is track the answer to these questions from wake-up until bed-time:
    1. What are the first 10 things (list ‘em) you do at the start of your day. Put this under “ReEnergize” list.
    2. What are the things you do for the rest of your day!
    3. Now for each list, when you write it down, be sure to note how each action you take each day makes you feel. Just as you write it put. (F for FREE, T for trapped, M for mundane)
    4. I love how @tonyrobbins says that how you feel in any moment is the quality of your life. So, let’s take a look. Let’s really feel today – using all of your senses.
  3. The last step is awesome. I want you to review your list of daily actions – first the ReEnergizer list that kicks off your day’s energy and then the “Full Day” list that is your general quality of life, adventure and freedom. Now chunk them into the 3 lists F, T, M and for each item (yah – I know, sounds crazy, but it’s worth it! Trust me.) Example: You’ll have a list named “Freedom – underline it. Then, put all F items on this list.
  4. Next – review each list and then for each point of “F” items write, how could you do more of this, scheduling it into every day? How could it be more exciting, meaningful, valuable and adventurous for your day? Then, at the end of answering ALL of these, answer how you feel after F. Be VERY detailed, because when you write, you are speaking to both your subconscious, the universe and your real conscious world.   Do this for T and for M. But as these questions.
    1. For trapped, ask: Do you have to do this? If you didn’t have to, what could you eliminate from your day? Create a running list just write, write, write… how can you turn around and walk out of this jail? What must you start doing now? When will you schedule this? What will you stop doing? When will you schedule this?
    2. For Mundane, this is just like trapped, but you’re so “numb” by it that you don’t even realize that it’s sucking the energy and life out of you.
  5. Last step – Review you list with your calendar open and schedul immediate changes in your rituals and commit to them starting tomorrow. Do this for 5 days and see how your life begins to change!

Remember this:  The first 10 questions and actions of your day can create the quality of your day.  This works without fail!  This doesn’t mean tough stuff doesn’t come along… but you’ll be WAY more productive and #ReEnergized by resetting yourself each morning.


One statement I hear all the time from my coaching clients is, “I just feel so trapped, but I’m doing the responsible thing – what I HAVE To do.” This exercise in journaling, contemplation, tracking and critical thinking – then TAKING ACTION will change your world on a dime as long as you….


Are totally honest!

Really MUST make this change!

Feel passionate that your life is important to you and it must be amazing and outstanding!

Realize deep down that you have amazing and powerful yet often dorman #GIFTS that simple by asking great questions and becoming conscious in your life, you can reveal them now… before your short time on earth is over.


Now’s your chance.


Wow, I feel great about this! Want to hear more insights, be sure to tell me how it’s going at


And, follow me on twitter @NateLindquist


As well as download my FREE new book’s “first chapter sneak peek” and learn how to #ShareYourGIFTS in real, life-changing ways…




Launch Your Business by Winning in Advance


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I’ll show you exactly how to distill your passions and ideas into a “win in advance” big win business launch! Learn how your passions in life can become a working and successful business by converging your ideal gifts and services or products with what other people want. From sympathetic resonance to DNA and a bit of street smart business launch savvy, this is a can’t miss video that anyone could use to watch, take action and launch a new business! It literally covers the most important elements you’ll need in about 20 minutes!

Do the work, Free Your Office, Play a bit – 2014 Mobile Office Update

Nate's Office 4-22-14

Newburyport, MA, Plum Island Coffee Roasters

Nate’s Freedom office: April 22, 2014

Recently I’ve decided to take my work on the road 95% of the time.  What does this mean?  I’m mobile!  Sure, I love my little office that now sits in quaint Amherst, NH.  But, to really get my inspirational and creative juices flowing, it’s time to do some experiments.  Amidst the challenges of getting out of the office and going “location independent”, what are the rewards that easily outweigh the challenges?  Each day I’ll keep a running list and post updates regularly.  Today’s big distinction about benefits of my Freedom Office?

Sitting in Newburyport, MA in this saweeet Cafe, “Plum Island Coffee Roasters” as I continued down this dirt road, by a shipyard and then around the back of a big harborside industrial looking building, I found a gem of an office… well, a cafe with power, internet, a baby grand piano cover as a table and good company… Add to that a rich view of ships being pained, workers prep’ing large vessels for their next sea voyage and an expansive view of the Newburyport, MA harbor – I’m inspired!  Now the challenge is to get some work done and create the rewards of location independent work rather than succumbing to the ever-present distractions of it.

Today’s victories:

  • Met and contracted a copywriting project with a wonderfully energetic women who does this freelance
  • Bought a reasonably priced, fresh roasted coffee (decaf)
  • Lots of great music  – a blend of James Brown and 90’s hip-hop… so far really cool
  • The vibe makes me feel like I’m on vacation on some island
  • Today, I’m planning a 5 mile run by the ocean at lunch and have already completed a MASSIVE list of work from my “Get Productive One Sheet” – want a copy?  Here it is.  I think you’ll find it to be helpful.  And, by all means, adapt it for yourself.  It’s a great weapon in my Gifts(R) Formula life, work, freedom arsenal.

Today’s results:  Do the work, stay inspired, play a bit – Change your life!

The Clarity Void


Every day (ideally first thing, but really you choose the moment) gives you the chance to simplify what you’re doing.  To do this you need to get altitude – to get up above the clutter and craziness of today’s busy, hot, important, frustrating muddle.  This begins by doing nothing.  It literally starts by stopping.  Step away from your urgency and rush – worries, fears and musts.  Just stop.

Once you’ve stopped you’ll experience something most of you don’t experience enough.  It’s called the clarity void.  This is where space lives… where you can literally restart from a white sheet – like you just flew in today in a helicopter to evaluate your life and business.  It’s one of the most important and refreshing steps you can ever add to your routine at least weekly.

Have your pen and paper at the ready and just capture the ideas, thoughts, frustrations, concerns, problems and action items that pop into your mind.

This is where finding peace begins.  You only need to create that space to discover the root issues truly needing your attention.  And, from up above, with clarity, you’ll know where to move next.

Your move.

-Nate Lindquist
Results Coach, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Pursuer of simple

The Painter and the Young Man – On Discovering Your Gifts


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Learn lessons from a talented master painter and a boy! Story by Nate Lindquist

Painter Shares His Gifts

Once, an older man who had become a very talented painter sat on the side of a vast meadow.  The wind rushed through his wild artist’s hair and the fresh scent of spring filled his nostrils… “what a day to create!” he said. – as he looked out over the vibrant, rich, colorful beauty of the landscape!

His dream had always been to find the perfect moment, with the perfect scene and the ideal circumstances to craft a show-stopping, world changing, powerhouse of a masterpiece painting – one that would come alive for all who saw it and inspire in them the passion the artist felt while crafting his opus!

Then, as he looked around all the beauty he fell into “thinking” about how to truly capture the wonder of this opportunity… the chance to capture and create a masterpiece from this beautiful landscape would require all his skill, experience, faith and talent.  The thinking quickly escalated into fear and soon almost an hour of worry and doubt had passed as the talented painter worked through his thoughts to get clear on just how he might overcome this new challenge.  To be successful, he needed to have paintings he could sell, people must like them enough to pay a lot of money to him and he needed to paint more and more just to meet his rent and to buy his meager painting supplies and food each week.  It was a process he had successfully navigated in the past, but this time, his canvas remained blank as hours turned into days and nights… returning to the canvas each day to regroup, think through his approach set on finding the perfect approach for creating a masterpiece, but each day leaving his canvas stark white and without a single stroke of paint.

During the time of the painter’s contemplation, thinking and worrying, he started to realize that new thoughts and beliefs about his abilities began to creep into his mind.  Was he really capable of creating a masterpiece?  What if the finished product didn’t meet the gallery’s high expectations?  What if he failed this time?  Already days and days had gone by – then months passed and soon the evidence was that this painter just wasn’t capable of reaching his dream of the most perfect work.  He didn’t even have a lick of paint on the canvas… perhaps he had already failed.

Just as the painter was packing up – likely for the last time, something strange happened.  After already deciding to take a job from a friend to make ends meet and recover the losses from his delays and failure of the last year – a young man, likely in his early twenties set his easel down next to the older man and in moments began to paint.  He didn’t appear to think, delay, doubt or contemplate… he just magically and quite confidently mixed colors, tried shapes, lines, textures and strokes as a landscape of his own creation appeared on his own canvas…   The older man was so inspired in that moment of clarity that he set up his canvas again and decided to just sit and paint for a while… he had already wasted months trying to get clear on how to make it great, what would he have to lose by just enjoying an afternoon of painting carelessly and worry free like this young man was doing?

In time, the young man stood back from their work and said something that changed the older man’s life forever…  “It’s amazing the power we have to mix up ideas, paint and brush strokes and just in taking this simple action and trusting in the mystery of it all, regardless of all other things, we can just stand back, see what we have created, take note of the results and choose minor adjustments we’ll make on the morrow when we pursue yet another blank canvas and the joy of it all!”  He addressed the old painter, “Sir, No matter what tools, talents or experiences I bring to this work – side by side with a master such as yourself, just by being inspired by you and the moment and creating with joy, I’m moving forward and getting more clear at the wonders of my craft, the world and my own potential for greatness.  It’s  the creation that reveals my gift, not my gift that reveals the creation!  Thank you for quietly allowing me to be inspired by you sir.  I appreciate your patience and the lesson you taught me today.  You’ve been so confident in your great work that you sat here for months just enjoying the scene, uninhibited by time or fear of accomplishment or perfection.  I’m so glad it didn’t take me my entire life to learn this from you and for that I’m eternally grateful.”

-Nate Lindquist

Results Coach, Author of The Gifts® Formula, Entrepreneur
CEO of Innerspire and Entrepreneur – Owner/Investor in 8 other small businesses

Shiny Thing Disease Sweeps Nation


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4-8-13 In a recent survey of small businesses around the USA and abroad, a disturbing trend has been revealed. They are being infected with a bug that we are now calling “shiny thing disease”. It enters through the mind and any part of the body and convinces the sufferer that they need to get more shiny websites, ads, logos, mobile apps and other high tech projects underway as quickly as humanly possible – whether these new high-end, expensive and feature rich initiatives can actually help them grow their business! Have you managed to side-step this dangerous trend and avoid the consequences? If you’d like to know what the bug looks like so you can avoid a future attack, just follow these basic guidelines and keep yourself and your small business safe:

1. Watch for innovative new ideas that get you excited but have NO consideration for your current resources or real value
2. Notice if a new opportunity to invest in your marketing could be considered a “Bucket” where your message and “promise” would be required to then fill the bucket. (Careful here: Buckets are containers and delivery systems, messages and promises are part of you and your value)
3. Ask this question: What will I do with this once I have it? If you don’t know yet, then get that straight before you buy.
4. The Meaningful Test: Does this new marketing “thing” seem meaningful (having meaning) or just “Machinery” (designed to deliver a product or service)
5. Shiny things come dressed as “solutions” that promise a big shift in your sales or even worse “results” as a general term. The safest way to protect yourself is to recognize them as “tools” and as with any tool, you need a definite purpose for the tool and a desired result that is meaningful to you before investing in the tool. Have you ever been excited by a new tool or set of tools… all shiny and new… but, then they sit there – unused and gathering dust. Why does this happen? It’s usually because you had no meaning behind your project and the distractions of life and business pulled you away from this exciting and shiny new little system. (story: I saw (and then bought) a table saw and wood and dreamed of an addition. They both sat their for 5 years until I had a new baby. Then, we needed a baby’s room and started using the wood and tools with a vengeance… but, what happened then? We realized that the tools were not the right ones for the job and the wood was to old and not stored or maintained correctly. At this stage, I reinvested in new tools and wood and the meaning carried me through to use the tools and wood effectively and consistently to reach the goal of the new addition.)

Small businesses MUST focus on the meaning of their message and how this converts to growth for their clients and themselves. Once you have this straight, you’ll be much better equipped to choose a tool or technology to deliver your great products, services and gifts – and you’ll have the meaning and therefore “reason power” to follow through. Why spend the money twice or worse… over and over again – without putting your attention on the real ingredient that drives using tools effectively. Prepare the fill your buckets purposely by first focusing on the meaning of your message. Don’t worry, the Shiny Things (websites, logos, ads, designs, mobile apps or something even shinier and newer) will be there.

Spread the word and if you need some help treating a bad case of shiny thing disease, give us a call at and we’ll help you get meaning first and then choose the tools after – avoiding shiny thing problems for good!