The morning coffee WILL NOT FIX YOUR DAY! (sometimes it’s nice…)  No matter how hard you try!

Sometimes all the creating brainstorming and strategizing about what to change or how to create change in your life bypasses some really simple questions you can ask.

For a renewed sense of excitement, adventure and energy in your day here are a couple guidelines to live by and then a really simple exercise you can do now, now, now, now, now! Why not? If you’re thinking – I’m really not going to do this stupid thing, then that’s all the more reason to DO IT!


Stop – Do it now! Or, fall into the life-crippling ruts that we ALL fall into again today.


Seriously, if you don’t do it, then I’m going to find you and get into your car with you and ask you questions all the way to #work. (not really, but it would be fun – don’t you think? Hey there Rita, what’s this feel like now? Where are you driving? Do you like this commute? How do you like going into a cubicle? Did you forget your lunch in the rush?)



Here are the action steps. Please be careful not to let them inspire you so much you think you’ve #WON, but actually you still didn’t take any #lifechanging action. Inspiration is a STEP, but you need to follow it with action. Savvy?


Ok, here we go. Ready? Gonna become a master of changing your life and creating your ideal life and adventure? Like #RobHatch says, Work Like Your On Vacation! You can’t do that if you don’t know what it is for you – right? It’s time to find out. I know this seems hard, but after the first day, it just gets easier and easier.  Let’s reset your perfect day by checking in on your CURRENT day.  (If you like this, check out Rob Hatch’s post here on resetting… which is also super important)


  1. The second you wake up (have a little notebook and pen by the bed) ask these questions an write down the answer…
    1. What result do I want first? Do I want to feel grateful, loving, valuable and powerful – or how I often feel?
    2. What am I most grateful for?
    3. Who do I love and who loves me?
    4. What win can I create and celebrate TODAY? (Often people wait for their big win, like getting 5 new clients this month, vs. dancing at their little steps and wins – like sending out 5 personal letters and client appreciation gifts 5 days in a row with total discipline) You will create one win today – what is it?
    5. Who am I? Sit and write down the juiciest, most exciting, valuable, rewarding, thrilling description of you, you character, your life and everything that makes you a super star (as if it’s already here!). Say “I am… not I will”… Live it from the END! Got it?
  2. Now, for a whole week, do the above and date each day. Then, the other thing you will do is track the answer to these questions from wake-up until bed-time:
    1. What are the first 10 things (list ‘em) you do at the start of your day. Put this under “ReEnergize” list.
    2. What are the things you do for the rest of your day!
    3. Now for each list, when you write it down, be sure to note how each action you take each day makes you feel. Just as you write it put. (F for FREE, T for trapped, M for mundane)
    4. I love how @tonyrobbins says that how you feel in any moment is the quality of your life. So, let’s take a look. Let’s really feel today – using all of your senses.
  3. The last step is awesome. I want you to review your list of daily actions – first the ReEnergizer list that kicks off your day’s energy and then the “Full Day” list that is your general quality of life, adventure and freedom. Now chunk them into the 3 lists F, T, M and for each item (yah – I know, sounds crazy, but it’s worth it! Trust me.) Example: You’ll have a list named “Freedom – underline it. Then, put all F items on this list.
  4. Next – review each list and then for each point of “F” items write, how could you do more of this, scheduling it into every day? How could it be more exciting, meaningful, valuable and adventurous for your day? Then, at the end of answering ALL of these, answer how you feel after F. Be VERY detailed, because when you write, you are speaking to both your subconscious, the universe and your real conscious world.   Do this for T and for M. But as these questions.
    1. For trapped, ask: Do you have to do this? If you didn’t have to, what could you eliminate from your day? Create a running list just write, write, write… how can you turn around and walk out of this jail? What must you start doing now? When will you schedule this? What will you stop doing? When will you schedule this?
    2. For Mundane, this is just like trapped, but you’re so “numb” by it that you don’t even realize that it’s sucking the energy and life out of you.
  5. Last step – Review you list with your calendar open and schedul immediate changes in your rituals and commit to them starting tomorrow. Do this for 5 days and see how your life begins to change!

Remember this:  The first 10 questions and actions of your day can create the quality of your day.  This works without fail!  This doesn’t mean tough stuff doesn’t come along… but you’ll be WAY more productive and #ReEnergized by resetting yourself each morning.


One statement I hear all the time from my coaching clients is, “I just feel so trapped, but I’m doing the responsible thing – what I HAVE To do.” This exercise in journaling, contemplation, tracking and critical thinking – then TAKING ACTION will change your world on a dime as long as you….


Are totally honest!

Really MUST make this change!

Feel passionate that your life is important to you and it must be amazing and outstanding!

Realize deep down that you have amazing and powerful yet often dorman #GIFTS that simple by asking great questions and becoming conscious in your life, you can reveal them now… before your short time on earth is over.


Now’s your chance.


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